Karla Hale, M.A. is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She received her Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Marshall University. She also has a Master’s degree in Psychology from Marshall University. Karla is experienced in treated adults and children with mood disorders, anxiety, depression, trauma, and substance abuse. She has been trained in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to treat children that have experienced trauma.

Natalie L. Criss, M.S., M.A. is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She received her Master's Degree in Counseling from Marshall University as well as a Master's Degree from Fordham University in Religion and Religious Education with coursework in Pastoral Counseling. Natalie specializes in treating LGBT clients. She treats many transgender clients and guides them on their journey toward transitioning through HRT. She also treats anyone who struggles with anxiety or depression and has worked with many clients who suffer from PTSD. She is trained in EMDR and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Her previous work experience was with children who had suffered from trauma and also worked with families at risk of having their children removed from the home. She has experience in Pastoral Counseling from her time as a Campus Minister at Marshall University.

Jasmin Calcote, B.A. is a supervised psychologist working on her Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology at Marshall University. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology at Marshall University. Her resume includes working with children, adolescents, and adults who experience mood disorders such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. Additionally, she has served adolescents in residential facilities and provided parent management training. Jasmin is interested in working with people who are suffering from substance use disorder, transitioning from incarceration, or struggling with gender identity.

Kaitie May, M.A. is a supervised psychologist working on her Doctor of Psychology degree at Marshall University. She received her master’s degree in psychology from Marshall University. She has worked with adults experiencing mood disorders, such as anxiety and depression, as well as gender identity concerns, family, behavioral, and relationship difficulties, and health issues. Kaitie also has experience in couples therapy, working to identify and navigate areas of conflict, such as financial stressors and differences in personality.

Emily Engelland Wilson, licensed psychologist, has been providing psychological services in West Virginia since 1994. She received her graduate degree at Connecticut College, after completing a year- long practicum in the Psychology Department at Yale University. She works with adults and families, provides relationship counselling and specializes in helping women suffering from depression and anxiety. She performs evaluations for adults and children with behavioral or emotional disorders, including ADHD and Autism. She is an adjunct instructor for the Marshall University Medical School, and a consultant to area residential programs and schools. She has obtained national certifications in helping those with substance use disorder and gambling addictions and provides treatment for those who are seeking recovery. 

Matt Spurlock joined River Valley Associates as our Bookkeeper/ Biller in October of 2017, and recently became the interim Office Manager for the irreplaceable Susan McHale who left for sunnier weather.


This is a common sense approach to dealing with a "picky eater", written by a dietician and family therapist. eew